Tips for people thinking of working in sales


Sales is a really hard job and it’s not for everyone, even if you enjoy it you might not be any good at and visa versa, if you’re good at it you might not enjoy it. Here are a few things to think about before getting into sales.

  1. Fully understand your job role 

Before taking a job anywhere in anything really, not just sales, you should be fully informed and understand exactly what your role is. This means understanding your responsibilites, your targets and what is expected of you. You should have a good grasp on what your day-to-day life will be like. Speak to someone already in the role or in a similar one, ask them about their day-to-day and see what they have to say about the job. If this is your first job you won’t be used to spending eight hours a day doing one thing, make sure it’s something you want to do.

  1. Rejection will be a daily part of your life

You can’t please everybody. Even if your product is perfect for a prospect, it doesn’t mean they think so. Of course your job is to try and convince them otherwise but sometimes people just do not want to listen and they do not want your help. It’s okay, move on. There are other prospects who do want to listen and those are the ones you should be spending your time on.

  1. Talking to prospects can be really fun

No matter what kind of sales you might be thinkinig of doing I can guarantee you there will be a number of prospects that you just click with and you can have fun with. Take the piss a little bit, have a laugh with them, it may not seem like part of your job but building a good raport with a prospect is always a good thing and if you can do that just be naturally being you then that’s awesome.

  1. But not always

As many prospects as you have that you can joke around with, there will be others that you will not click with, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend your time on them and give them your full attention. There is a reason they want to speak to you and the fact they want to buy from you or that you have piqued thier interest alone means that they were worth your time.

  1. Every prospect is a fresh start

Dealing with being rejected can be hard but it can be easier if you see it as the next prospect being a whole new start. If, like me, you work mostly on the phone then one bad call can affect the next call and have a domino effect on all your calls that day. Each call or each prospect is brand new, you have the power to go into in a positive way and even if it doesn’t end well, there’s always more people to talk to and to sell to. You never know what the next call will be like.

  1. It’s okay not to know things

I work for a tech company but I’m not especially good with computers. When I first started at my job my mouse stopped working, it’s one of those fancy wireless apple ones that I had never used before (in fact I’d never used a mac before), I went and asked the tech guys what was wrong with my mouse and the answer was ‘well you need to charge it’. Prospects ask me questions I don’t know the answers to all the time and that’s okay, you just have to keep your cool and assure them that you will get back to them with an answer. Often they don’t really care about the answer anyway and are just testing you, really technical questions are often not a deciding factor on whether a prospect wants to buy or not, just them being curious or nosey. It may feel embarrassing the first time you don’t know the answer to something but being honest and professional will make you look a lot less stupid that just lying.


Author: businessthoughtsofmine

I am fairly new to the world of work but I have a lot of thoughts and I love writing.

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