Sales and marketing: a fairytale.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, (she wasn’t just beautiful, she was also smart and talented which is more important but that’s not the fairytale narrative).The princess lived in the land of sales, she had grown up with strict rules, she must reach out to people in order for the kingdom to be profitable. She knew she had to work hard to keep the kingdom afloat financially and she had been taught all the old ways of doing this. Passed down through the generations she had been given advice on how to talk to people, how to get them to listen and how to help. The princess had a problem though, she was tired, it was exhausting constantly finding people to help and not all of them even wanted her help. Even when she knew what she had to offer would be beneficial, some people still refused to listen. She knew there must be people who desperately needed her help and could make the kingdom rich but it was so difficult for her to find time to find them whilst still doing what she did best.

One day the princess came across a prince, he had been sent from a neighbouring kingdom known as the land of marketing, to tell the people of her own land about their wares. The princess was stunned, this prince was telling all her people to come to his land and give his land their money. Surely the people won’t listen to this, she thought, I have been talking to them individually as people and trying to understand their needs for years, they can’t possibly want what he’s offering. But she was wrong.

The prince returned every so often, spreading word about his kingdom and slowly the people began to trust him, they knew him or at least they felt like they did. When they wanted something they knew the prince and his people would be there for them and they liked being able to choose when to come to them. The princess grew jealous.

One day the prince spoke to the exhausted princess in surprise, “why are you so jealous of me princess? Your kingdom still prospers.”

“yes my prince, it does, but it’s barely enough, our kingdom prospers but slowly and we are exhausted, we must reach out to people and talk them round, you have people lining up to buy from you”

“you misunderstand” the prince replied, “yes people come to us, they know us, but we are also barely scraping by, we only just get enough people coming to us to make enough money to live! Yes, some people may decide to come us instead of you but when they get there it’s a mess! We’re so busy spreading our message we don’t have anyone to deal with their requests, I don’t know what to do”

The princess thought for a moment, she was surprised by the prince’s confession, she had assumed that because the kingdom’s messages were all over the land that they must be wealthy. She knew what she must do. “Prince, why don’t we work together? Our kingdoms should join, you can spread the message and we can help the people and continue reaching out. I can help you understand what the people need and want and you can help me by telling them we can provide it.”

The prince was overjoyed, he has always admired the princess’s way of doing things but had no idea how to go about it for himself. The two kingdoms were joined and the new kingdom prospered greatly. People came from far and wide as they had heard what was on offer and the princess made sure they got what they needed.  The prince and princess worked in harmony and they lived happily ever after.

The morals of this story.

  1. Sales and marketing have the same goal, they are both there ultimately to get more business in for the company.
  2. Sales people can help marketing people by telling them what the customers really want.
  3. Marketing people can help sales people by ensuring they are sending out the right messages as to what is actually on offer and by appealing to the right people with the right things and bringing in relevant business.
  4. Princes and princesses do not have to get married to live happily ever after.