Two powerful business tools

I’m going to tell you about two business tools that, if used wisely, will revolutionize your business and your life. They are free. If you like them feel free to buy me a coffee, or better still a beer, after lockdown is over.

On Friday I attended, as usual, a breakfast networking event, unfortunately virtually. It is a little different from the normal networking where people give their sales pitch, then mentally switch off or play with their phones while others give their pitch, before mentally turning off or playing with their phones. We all know each other at that meeting so talk about our week, problems and any highlights.  One woman talked about how busy she was and how at some point in time she hopes she can get some sort of work/life balance. This has been a constant theme since just after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Someone suggested a local business consultant could help her identify how she could get her business running better and perhaps identify significant time saving opportunities. Several people agreed with the usefulness of this suggestion and then provided testimonials for the person recommended. I could tell by the set of the woman’s jaw that this suggestion would not be taken up. I think some people want, or need, to be busy and to think the world treats them badly.

Work/life balance is a state of mind. Use the thought of that woman in the networking meeting as a spanner to adjust the work/life balance in your mind. If that doesn’t work use the thought of the heart attack or stroke you are storing up, or missing your children growing up and possibly getting divorced as a hammer to crack that tough nut.

Earlier in the week I attended another networking event and decided not to play the sales pitch game. Instead, I told people to Google Trailrunningman to find out what I do and then proceeded to promote things that two other people are doing. The first person is an ultrarunner, runs a successful small business employing several people and writes poetry. I was promoting her poetry book; I am a fellow writer, although not a poet. The second person is an aspiring ultrarunner, planning to tackle a tough event in May to raise money for a local hospice. I was promoting his fundraising efforts. He is a busy sales and presentation coach and has two podcast series which are regularly updated. The first is business focused and the other is a series of interviews with runners about how to train for ultramarathons and what motivates them. Both busy people who find time to put in the extensive training required to run an ultramarathon. They have something in common with people who say they do not have time to run; they all have exactly the same 24 hours in a day to fit everything in.  Unless you are living in extreme poverty what we do with our time is a matter of choice.

So, if you think you haven’t got time to exercise, enjoy nature, learn a language, write poetry, paint or whatever else you yearn to do use the thought of those two runners as a screwdriver to adjust your time allocation dial.

Talking of screwdrivers, I’d be just as happy if you bought me a cocktail rather than a coffee or a beer.


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