Cycle of competence

The other day I was reminded of the stages of competence. It is often shown as a hierarchy; however, a better representation is as a circle, as you are likely to move from unconscious competence to unconscious incompetence when things change. My knowledge of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure provides a good example, especially asContinue reading “Cycle of competence”

Poor customer services is wasteful

Poor customer services undoubtedly annoys customers and can result in lost sales; however, I want you to think about the impact it has on costs. Poor customer service cost more than good customer service. This simple real-life example I experienced over the last few weeks will illustrate the point.  I have been a customer ofContinue reading “Poor customer services is wasteful”

The business lesson I took away from the National Running Show

The business bit is towards the end of this post; however, you need to read it all to get the benefit. I was at the National Running Show in the NEC over the weekend of 22nd – 23rd January. I loved visiting the stands, meeting up with old friends, making new ones, discovering new productsContinue reading “The business lesson I took away from the National Running Show”

Think outside of the box to improve efficiency

Many people wake up inside a box (the house), pour cereals out of a box and, after they have had their breakfast, get into a small box (their car) and drive to another box (the office) where they spend most of the day at a desk, usually staring at a screen. They then get backContinue reading “Think outside of the box to improve efficiency”

By their deeds shall ye know them

The Government recently published a list of employers who have been found to have not being paying the minimum wage. There were 191 employers on that list, which was round 17 of National Minimum Wage Naming Scheme, there were similar numbers in previous rounds. There are quite a few household names on those lists; whenContinue reading “By their deeds shall ye know them”

What can you learn from a Cornish hedge?

When I was out running the other day, I saw a man taking a break from creating a Cornish Hedge, which is a stone structure despite the name. He had completed about half of it and there was a big jumble of stones in front of where the rest of the hedge would go. IContinue reading “What can you learn from a Cornish hedge?”