Wise Beyond Their Years

When I was young, I was told that I should respect my elders. I did not agree with that, I believe everyone should be treated with respect irrespective of their age. Some people because of their values and the way they behave deserve an extra level of respect. Older people have more experience and throughContinue reading “Wise Beyond Their Years”

Tip top condition

Recently there have been stories in the press about pressures on the ambulance service because patients cannot be admitted to hospital and problems with people accessing GP services. The Government has responded with a plan to ease bed blocking in hospitals, extra funding for the ambulance services and plans to train and recruit more doctors.Continue reading “Tip top condition”

PowerPoint – get it right please

Recently I was subjected to another poor PowerPoint presentation and asked myself why after over 30 years people still make the same mistakes? I am a fan of PowerPoint and so are Microsoft who bought it in 1987 for $14 million (about $34 million in today’s terms). It is a vast improvement on overhead projectorsContinue reading “PowerPoint – get it right please”

Are you in control?

I recently wrote the following in my Electric Car Driving Experience blog and thought the BMW driver was a good metaphor for many business owners. The drive on Saturday was uneventful except for the behaviour of one BMW driver. On the short two-lane section near Wadebridge the BMW overtook me doing well in excess ofContinue reading “Are you in control?”

Is your business truly inclusive?

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting where I didn’t feel fully included and was reminded of this at the weekend when I attended an excellent training event on Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism run by Greenpeace. During the introduction some ground rules were set, these included the usual things like, respect, confidentiality, etc, andContinue reading “Is your business truly inclusive?”

Cycle of competence

The other day I was reminded of the stages of competence. It is often shown as a hierarchy; however, a better representation is as a circle, as you are likely to move from unconscious competence to unconscious incompetence when things change. My knowledge of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure provides a good example, especially asContinue reading “Cycle of competence”

Poor customer services is wasteful

Poor customer services undoubtedly annoys customers and can result in lost sales; however, I want you to think about the impact it has on costs. Poor customer service cost more than good customer service. This simple real-life example I experienced over the last few weeks will illustrate the point.  I have been a customer ofContinue reading “Poor customer services is wasteful”