Networking is about connecting

Networking done well is about connecting and that means active listening, finding common ground and building rapport. If you are not familiar with active listening, or not good at it, there is some useful information here.  With active listening you will soon understand someone’s ‘map of the world’ and be able to meet them there.Continue reading “Networking is about connecting”

Networking is like owning a dog

It’s said that eyes are the window to the soul; it’s hard to make eye contact during online networking so we cannot see into people’s souls; however, the screen does give us a window to their minds. I was on a meeting the other day and one of the attendees, after giving his one-minute pitch,Continue reading “Networking is like owning a dog”

Two powerful business tools

I’m going to tell you about two business tools that, if used wisely, will revolutionize your business and your life. They are free. If you like them feel free to buy me a coffee, or better still a beer, after lockdown is over. On Friday I attended, as usual, a breakfast networking event, unfortunately virtually.Continue reading “Two powerful business tools”