A ‘Wicked’ Product or Service Mix.

I had assumed that using wicked to mean excellent or wonderful was the idiom of youth, or perhaps youth a few years back, and was amazed to discover that it has its roots in the early 1960s  So now you know that I’m talking about excellent mixes of products or services rather than bad ones.Continue reading “A ‘Wicked’ Product or Service Mix.”

To speak or not to speak that is the question?

Every weekday morning at the unpleasant time of 7am I join an online group in South Africa (it’s 8am for them) for a brief discussion on various management/leadership topics. I find it a great way to start the day listening to the views of others and also reflecting on what I think and why. ItContinue reading “To speak or not to speak that is the question?”

There is some great business inspiration we can get from nature.

When I became Chief Executive of the Communication Workers Friendly Society it was at a time of major change in the Financial Services sector which meant seismic change for many friendly societies in the long-term insurance business.  I knew that to flourish we would need great service from our professional advisers; accountants, actuaries, fund-managers, solicitorsContinue reading “There is some great business inspiration we can get from nature.”

Are you working hard when your business could be working harder?

This post was prompted by a great example of a business getting it right. To set the scene I will first write about businesses getting it wrong. Very often businesses do not get the best out of the activities they engage in. Trade shows are a good example, businesses will exhibit, or visit, without gettingContinue reading “Are you working hard when your business could be working harder?”

Solve your customers’ problems and they will buy from you.

My first business was selling ice-creams from kiosks on two sites in Cambridge, Lammas Land and Jesus Green. The Lammas Land site was close to a paddling pool and playground which was very well used, so when the sun shone it was busy. However, I was eager to increase sales and would put a signContinue reading “Solve your customers’ problems and they will buy from you.”

Never hurry a Murray Mint

A little while ago someone in an online networking meeting said that he was new to being self-employed, having previously worked for big companies. While an expert in his field he knew nothing about all the other bits and pieces you must do when you run your own business, and he said he would welcomeContinue reading “Never hurry a Murray Mint”