Make time

When I say make time, I don’t mean manufacture the currency of the Grim Reaper, that isn’t possible. We all get 86,400 seconds each day, no more, no less, and there is no carrying over unused seconds to the next day. Life is not a mobile phone contract where unused minutes or data can be taken forward to the next period. No what I mean is make space in your busy schedule for important stuff, important to you.

What planted the seed for this blog post was a comment during a networking event. It’s an event where we all know each other so instead of pitching for business we have a chat about success, problems, frustrations, concerns and anything else that people want to talk about. One of the participants, who pops in when she can, and often only for part of the meeting because she is so busy, normally talks about how busy and stressed she is. This time she was stressed because she had no work and now, she was going to have to work on a marketing plan to try an attract customers. The nature of the business is such that once a contract is complete her services are no longer needed by that particular company. She had been so busy working in the business she had not devoted any time to working on the business. Had she allocated say 10% of her time to gaining new customers, planning for new contracts to start when others were finishing, there would be a steady flow of work and overall, there would be more income than under her flat out then nothing approach; feast and famine, boom and bust – I’m sure you can think of more.

Big lesson – marketing is important all of the time. You might do less during some periods, but it is always important.

Many small business owners, and the self-employed, often fall into the trap of being too busy working in the business to have time to work on the business. Too often they have their noses to the grindstone and fail to spot that they are about to hit a brick wall, or worse fall, off a cliff. They fail to spot opportunities or to realise that the world has changed and what they are doing is not the most efficient way, or worse, what their customers really want.

Lego Serious Play

Recently I took time out of my business to attend a workshop facilitated by someone from the University of Exeter using the Lego Serious Play method. Building models to depict circumstances, thinking and plans helped me view things differently. I spotted a left field opportunity that had previously be out of my sightline. I don’t always have my nose to the grindstone; however, I am probably guilty of always looking in the same direction and am perhaps a little short-sighted. Just like in a pantomime that good idea might be behind you.

Take time out, do something different and improve your business performance.

Honesty Box

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