About six months ago I posted about poor communication losing sales, the post was titled, ‘Don’t waste your money on marketing! if you are going to sabotage what you do’ and the moral of the story was, communicate with your customers and they will stay with you, ignore them and they will leave. This post is about great communication generating sales. Last time it was about lager and cider this time it is about cider and lager.

On Thursday I was checking Facebook when an ad popped up for 3 cases of cider for the price of 2. I currently have a reasonable stock of BrewDog Lost Lager and am expecting a delivery of Toast beer soon, so I don’t really need any more alcohol, but I do like a special offer. I sent the company an email to ask if their ciders were vegan and got on with some work. Three minutes later an email pinged into my inbox saying yes, they are. I fired back “Wow that was quick” and instantly got “It is very nice cider. We just won another 6 awards in the international cider challenge” as a reply. My next response was a bit slower and said, “Just placed an order” and got the reply “Brilliant. It will go out tomorrow as you have missed today’s cut off.  Should be with you on Saturday”. Fair enough, it was five thirty in the afternoon.

When I saw the ad I was in a buying mood, had the company responded to my email the next day that would have been acceptable, but I may not have been in a buying mood and had they replied after the weekend I would probably have forgotten all about wanting any cider. The quicker you can respond to an enquiry the more likely you are to catch someone in buying mode.

With face-to-face or telephone selling salespeople sometimes take customers passed the point where they want to buy. Here the mnemonic WAIT – Why Am I Talking? can come in useful. Pick up on the clues and give the customer space to make the buying decision rather than firing more and more sales messages at them.

Cheers – if you have never tasted Natch give it a go – awesome cider.

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