Tip top condition

Recently there have been stories in the press about pressures on the ambulance service because patients cannot be admitted to hospital and problems with people accessing GP services. The Government has responded with a plan to ease bed blocking in hospitals, extra funding for the ambulance services and plans to train and recruit more doctors.Continue reading “Tip top condition”

Are you in control?

I recently wrote the following in my Electric Car Driving Experience blog and thought the BMW driver was a good metaphor for many business owners. The drive on Saturday was uneventful except for the behaviour of one BMW driver. On the short two-lane section near Wadebridge the BMW overtook me doing well in excess ofContinue reading “Are you in control?”

The business lesson I took away from the National Running Show

The business bit is towards the end of this post; however, you need to read it all to get the benefit. I was at the National Running Show in the NEC over the weekend of 22nd – 23rd January. I loved visiting the stands, meeting up with old friends, making new ones, discovering new productsContinue reading “The business lesson I took away from the National Running Show”

Less is more, more or less

Very often when I talk to new business owners and, more worryingly, established businesses owners about what the target market is for their products the answer is everyone. It’s nice if everyone buys what you are selling, but it is not a good idea to sell to everyone, one because that is a crowded marketContinue reading “Less is more, more or less”

A ‘Wicked’ Product or Service Mix.

I had assumed that using wicked to mean excellent or wonderful was the idiom of youth, or perhaps youth a few years back, and was amazed to discover that it has its roots in the early 1960s  So now you know that I’m talking about excellent mixes of products or services rather than bad ones.Continue reading “A ‘Wicked’ Product or Service Mix.”

Solve your customers’ problems and they will buy from you.

My first business was selling ice-creams from kiosks on two sites in Cambridge, Lammas Land and Jesus Green. The Lammas Land site was close to a paddling pool and playground which was very well used, so when the sun shone it was busy. However, I was eager to increase sales and would put a signContinue reading “Solve your customers’ problems and they will buy from you.”