Hidden gems

On Saturday I popped into Truro for lunch at the Colours Café. While I was there, I decided to explore the parts I didn’t know; there are lots of small streets and alleyways in Truro. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) currently has a campaign #MyHiddenGems highlighting small businesses that people may not have heard about, hopefully the campaign will increase their footfall. I thought my exploration might reveal a gem or two to posts about on social media and help support the campaign; I am an FSB Area Lead in Cornwall. This summer some of our popular venues are being overrun, so if we can spread the load everyone benefits. I had a fascinating afternoon and found lots of candidates for the campaign, a barber called Jabba the Cutt and a hair and beauty salon actually called Hidden Gem. Neither of those were of direct interest to me; I don’t have any hair and it would take an industrial scale intervention to make me beautiful on the outside. Pollen in the Park, a refreshment kiosk selling vegan cakes, was of great interest to me as was Victoria Park where it was situated, I love green spaces in built-up areas and I love trees. Follow me on Twitter to see what else I found.

My afternoon experience made me think about whether there are hidden gems in our businesses that we simply don’t notice.

Have you had a wander through your customer database, either manually or with nifty software, to see if there are some gems in there that need a polish to make them shine? I bought some nut butters a while ago (I’m vegan), because I had not reordered, despite the company sending me emails at suitable intervals, they eventually sent me an email with the subject line “Edward you’re a tough nut to crack”. That worked, I liked the humour, and the discount they offered me. I’m now a regular customer, waiting for an email saying I am a diamond.

Are there products or services in your offering that could shine out given a tweak so they add a sparkle to your business?

Is there an employee who if given extra responsibility, a new role or training would be a glittering star?

Seek and ye shall find. Matthew 7:7-8


Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.  

Honesty Box

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