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I recently stayed in a Marston’s Inn hotel (comfortable, good value and many have electric car chargers) and went across to the pub for a meal. I was warmly welcomed by the member of staff directing people to tables and was soon settled down perusing the menu. It was ‘order at the bar’ and when I did, I was again welcomed by another member of staff. As I was waiting for my drink to be poured another bartender commented on my tee shirt, ‘Powered by plants,’ and we had a conversation about veganism.

When my meal was served the waitress commented on how good the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings looked, they were new on the menu, and she had not tried them yet. That was the start of another pleasant conversation. After I had finished the meal, the dishes were quickly cleared away by a friendly waitress who chatted with me for a while, and I learnt that I had arrived just after the end of their busy period. Knowing that I was even more impressed with how cheerful all the staff were. Normally when eating alone, I indulge in people watching, this time after my meal I had a spell of staff watching; all were friendly and attentive. As they moved around the dining area, they were looking around to see if anything needed clearing away or cleaning and if any customers needed help. I was impressed.

I wondered why the staff were so good and used my phone to do some research on Marston’s. I soon found the answer, they valued their people and invested in them. They were number 33 in the top 100 top employers for apprentices, had just given employees a generous pay rise and invested in employee development.

There were plenty of staff on duty that night and thinking back to the other times I have been in Marston’s pubs in various parts of the country they all had plenty of staff on duty. Marston’s appear to have no problem getting staff when others in the hospitality industry are struggling. There is a remarkably simple reason for that. Job seekers are aware of the words in Mathew 7:16 “By their deeds you will know them.” Businesses that treat people well will have no problem attracting employees, those that don’t will not.

Marston’s are not good to their employees for philanthropic reasons, they know it is good for business. The food in their pubs is no different from the offering of other pub chains, it is the good dining experience provided by their staff that differentiates them from the competition. I will certainly choose Marston’s over other providers because of the pleasant interaction I have with the staff. It makes a solo stay in a hotel much more attractive.

Employers your people are your greatest asset treat them well and reap the benefits. To continue with biblical quotes, “Whatever one sows, that will he also reap” (Gal. 6:7).

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