Ask and ye shall receive

My debut as a stand-up comedian made me think about how businesses often do not ask for what they want

The debut was on the 1st of August at Toast in Falmouth. Before the event I was feeling very nervous and posted this message on Facebook.

I am making my stand-up comedy debut at Toast in Falmouth tonight – I am a tad nervous please send helpful thoughts.

I soon received plenty of messages of support which improved my confidence. The following is a small selection.

You will be wonderful!! Have fun!!!

You’re a natural, what an experience. ENJOY and have fun!

Just be you, they will love you.

You’re gonna smash it!

I’m pleased to say that my debut went well, I loved it and have been booked to do more. Part of the success was down to the support I received from friends; I only received that support because I asked for it.

In business I have often come across incidences of people not asking for what they need:

  • salespeople waxing lyrical about their product then not asking the potential customer if they want to buy it
  • businesses with many satisfied customers not asking for testimonials
  • not asking for help because it is seen as weakness
  • not asking for referrals

At networking events I often hear people say what they do but not what they want; there is no specific ask. When I talk about the charity I support, Go Beyond, I have four specific asks:

  • Money (donations)
  • People to volunteer
  • Referrals to schools (which can refer children to the charity)
  • Child appropriate jokes (mine are getting overused)

That has produced results in all four categories although the jokes have been weak 😊

Ask and ye shall receive – don’t ask and people will not know that you need something or what it is.

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