Business lessons from running

A brief introduction then I get to the business bit. A few weeks ago, I volunteered as support crew on the Endurancelife Classic Quarter, a race that takes runners from Lizard Point to Land’s End. So, from the most southerly point of the UK mainland to the most westerly; one quarter of the compass henceContinue reading “Business lessons from running”

Feedback the oxygen of success

Below is a copy of a blog post I wrote a few years ago about running. The principles about the benefits of getting feedback, particularly from someone outside of the situation, apply to businesses. If you are a sole trader, you may want to get the view of a mentor or business consultant. I wasContinue reading “Feedback the oxygen of success”

You don’t need to read business blogs.

The title might seem to be shooting myself in the foot; however, I believe honesty is important. If you keep reading you will find that reading blogs can be a good thing. Reading business blogs is good for business, unfortunately it is not always your business that benefits and if you follow advice without thinkingContinue reading “You don’t need to read business blogs.”

Is your efficiency effective?

In the interests of efficiency, I am keeping this post short; however, it will be effective. Some definitions will start the process of deciding if your efficiency is effective. Efficiency: noun – the state or quality of being efficient. Efficient: adjective – working in a well-organized and competent way. Effective: adjective – successful in producingContinue reading “Is your efficiency effective?”

Is your thinking on point?

I have some great discussions on business topics during Wisdoms123 Chats, on Wednesday we considered the ‘Trolley Problem’, a series of thought experiments in ethics and psychology. What has that got to do with business I hear you ask (or would do if it were not for the wonders of technology that allows you toContinue reading “Is your thinking on point?”

Networking is about connecting

Networking done well is about connecting and that means active listening, finding common ground and building rapport. If you are not familiar with active listening, or not good at it, there is some useful information here.  With active listening you will soon understand someone’s ‘map of the world’ and be able to meet them there.Continue reading “Networking is about connecting”

Less is more, more or less

Very often when I talk to new business owners and, more worryingly, established businesses owners about what the target market is for their products the answer is everyone. It’s nice if everyone buys what you are selling, but it is not a good idea to sell to everyone, one because that is a crowded marketContinue reading “Less is more, more or less”