Are you guilty of not giving tuppence?

I actually mean two pence but that does not have the same heritage as tuppence. If you have a look at the ‘References in periodicals archive’ section of the page for tuppence under the Idioms tab on the Free Dictionary website, you will see what I mean (you may have to scroll down a bit).Continue reading “Are you guilty of not giving tuppence?”

Networking is like owning a dog

It’s said that eyes are the window to the soul; it’s hard to make eye contact during online networking so we cannot see into people’s souls; however, the screen does give us a window to their minds. I was on a meeting the other day and one of the attendees, after giving his one-minute pitch,Continue reading “Networking is like owning a dog”

Two powerful business tools

I’m going to tell you about two business tools that, if used wisely, will revolutionize your business and your life. They are free. If you like them feel free to buy me a coffee, or better still a beer, after lockdown is over. On Friday I attended, as usual, a breakfast networking event, unfortunately virtually.Continue reading “Two powerful business tools”

Don’t waste your money on marketing!

if you are going to sabotage what you do. I love beer and trying new offerings. There is a lager produced in Cornwall, which is one of my favourites, I have been ordering for home delivery ever since the first lockdown. I am on the brewery’s email list so receive offers and news. I wasContinue reading “Don’t waste your money on marketing!”

What can John Otway and a Bunsen burner teach us about the GameStop phenomenon?

The answer to that question is a lot; it can bring some clarity amongst all the hype. For those of you not familiar with John Otway, and there will be many, he is a musician who first appeared on the music scene in the punk rock era and has continued to be active to theContinue reading “What can John Otway and a Bunsen burner teach us about the GameStop phenomenon?”

A ‘Wicked’ Product or Service Mix.

I had assumed that using wicked to mean excellent or wonderful was the idiom of youth, or perhaps youth a few years back, and was amazed to discover that it has its roots in the early 1960s  So now you know that I’m talking about excellent mixes of products or services rather than bad ones.Continue reading “A ‘Wicked’ Product or Service Mix.”

To speak or not to speak that is the question?

Every weekday morning at the unpleasant time of 7am I join an online group in South Africa (it’s 8am for them) for a brief discussion on various management/leadership topics. I find it a great way to start the day listening to the views of others and also reflecting on what I think and why. ItContinue reading “To speak or not to speak that is the question?”