Solve your customers’ problems and they will buy from you.

My first business was selling ice-creams from kiosks on two sites in Cambridge, Lammas Land and Jesus Green. The Lammas Land site was close to a paddling pool and playground which was very well used, so when the sun shone it was busy. However, I was eager to increase sales and would put a signContinue reading “Solve your customers’ problems and they will buy from you.”

Never hurry a Murray Mint

A little while ago someone in an online networking meeting said that he was new to being self-employed, having previously worked for big companies. While an expert in his field he knew nothing about all the other bits and pieces you must do when you run your own business, and he said he would welcomeContinue reading “Never hurry a Murray Mint”

Balance 2 – Revenue/Costs Lose those losses

Having spent many years working as an accountant I know a thing or two about Balance Sheets. The most important of which is that they should balance. Ask any accountant about trying to find the error in an extended trail balance (the precursor of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account) and they willContinue reading “Balance 2 – Revenue/Costs Lose those losses”